The thunderbolt struck him and he survived


Pensacola, fl

Rescuers recounted a rare incident in which a female citizen was struck by a thunderbolt while she was at her home, causing her partial memory loss and excruciating pain.

Shelby Clove, a resident of Bellingham, Washington, said that she was subjected to a severe thunderbolt, which caused her severe pain and weakness in her body.

Rescuers recounted the details of the incident, citing Clove and eyewitnesses, and indicated that the victim was at home when it started to rain and the sky began to thunder and lighten.

Then, Clough tried to turn on the table lamp, and suddenly she felt a strong thunderbolt and a very bright light in her eyes shine before her thunderbolt’s charge to the other side of the room.

Upon arriving at the hospital, she said: “I had a limb spasm, I couldn’t move at all. I partially lost my memory, so I recount what eyewitnesses told me.”

“I am happy that I survived, and I can go home and my children,” she was quoted by local WFXT television as saying.


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