Michigan couple charged with attack, man after video clips showed a woman pointing to a black gun in a parking lot in Chipotle


Pensacola, Florida

His husband and wife are facing criminal charges after an escalating screaming match outside the Michigan Chipotle restaurant on Wednesday night. Videos of the incident that the police cited showing a woman who had just been described as racist pointing to a handgun on a black family.

Gillian Westenburg, 32, and Eric Westenburg, 42, are charged with one count of criminal assault, which is punishable by up to four years’ imprisonment.

Erik Westenburg, identified on the University of Auckland site as coordinator of Veterans Support Services, was fired.

“We have seen the video and consider its behavior unacceptable,” said university spokesman Brian Burley, adding that he was “informed that his work has been completed.”

At a press conference on Thursday, Oakland County Police Chief Michael Butchard said the suspects had legal and hidden pistol licenses, but the accusations stemmed from using their weapons to threaten the victims.

No shots were fired, and no injuries were reported in the Sergeant incident. Dale Brown said.

Bouchar said that the police investigators investigating the case “presented two very different stories from two different groups, as both sides claimed that they felt very threatened.”

Bouchar said that the authorities are aware of two videos of the accident. They photograph the couple – who get into their car over the videos and leave the scene – and a mother and two daughters out of the car.

Bouchar said that the incident started at around 6 pm, when members of the Westenburg family were leaving the Chipotle restaurant and the victims, who did not give their names, were coming.

With one video clip beginning, voices of an unknown source accuse Gillian Westenburg of colliding with a 15-year-old girl, demanding an apology and calling her “ignorant.” Westenburg responds that she is forbidden to enter her car.


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