The United States buys all of Gilad’s production of the Remdiviser drug


Pensacola, fl

The United States buys nearly all of the production expected in the next three months from Remdisever, which processes “Covid-19” from American manufacturer Gilad.

The US Department of Health announced that it has agreed to purchase 500,000 doses for use in American hospitals.

Tests indicate that Remsdevir reduces recovery time, although it is not yet clear whether or not it improves rescue rates for patients with the new coronavirus.

And in May, Gilad signed an agreement granting a license to produce real estate outside the United States, but production is still in its early stages.

“President Trump has struck an amazing agreement to ensure that Americans receive the first licensed treatment for Covid-19,” Health and Human Services Minister Alex Azar said in a statement.

The remediation course in the United States will cost $ 2,340.

Nine companies can manufacture this drug outside the United States under a license to distribute it in 127 countries, most of which are poor and at a lower cost, but the project is still in its early stages.


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