Students organize concerts to intentionally infect corona and prizes for patients


Pensacola, fl

Students in the American state of Alabama held concerts aimed at deliberately spreading the “Corona” virus among the attendees, with the first person infected with the virus receiving a financial prize,

According to Tuscaloosa City Council member Sonia McKinstry, party hosts intentionally invited people who have been diagnosed with coronavirus to these gatherings and said they put the money in a container, and tried to get healthy people to mix with the injured intentionally; As the first injured of them gets the prize money. ”

This comes after the city council voted unanimously in favor of a law requiring people to wear face masks on the street.

Recently, the city, home to the University of Alabama and many other colleges, witnessed a significant increase in Corona injuries with a total of 2,049 positive tests and 38 deaths, according to the Public Health Administration.

Fire Chief Randy Smith confirmed what the students had done at the city council meeting

“We thought this was common at first,” Smith told council members. We did some research.

Doctor’s offices do not only confirm this. Rather, the authorities confirmed that they have the same information as well. ”

Alabama recorded 38,422 Corona cases, an increase of 10,696 in the last 14 days, according to data provided by the state’s Department of Public Health. At least 947 people have died in this state due to the virus.

Arol Sheehan, a spokeswoman for the Alabama Public Health Department, said that the state requires people who have been diagnosed with “Corona” to follow the rules of quarantine in their “place of residence for 14 days.”

She explained that violating this is a misdemeanor with possible fines of up to $ 500.

Former Alabama state governor Kay Evi said she would extend these orders until July 31 because of the high number of cases.

Alabama‘s concerts come after a group of Corona cases have been linked to a party in New York; Where it is known that the hosts suffer from «corona»; But they did the party though.

Attendees refuse to work with health officials to contain the outbreak.

The party in West Nyack, Rockland County, infected eight other people with the virus.


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