Police rescue children from the roof during the confrontation


Pensacola, Florida

Cleveland police are saving a dangerous rescue operation for children by putting their lives on the line during a confrontation that could turn deadly.

This happened during a recent tense scene in District 600 of East 115 as a man threatened to blow up a house. Cleveland police closed the street, but officers realized that children were trapped on the top floor of that house.

An officer shouted at the children, “Are you able to get out?” And “Can you climb to the roof?”

Then the Fifth District officers made a bold move. Two of them ran and grabbed a ladder. They have exceeded their usual duties, and have climbed that ladder to disabled children.

When the police got there, you could see the children crawling strange and embarrassing from the window. Then the officer began to give the children instructions.

“Come across my body. She said across my body.

“I’m afraid,” said one of the children.

“It’s okay. The officer said: I got it.

Another officer said to another child, “I’ll help you get off. Let’s be a big boy. Let’s be strong, okay?” The officers carried the children and guided them down the stairs.

The video also shows that when the police reached the bottom of the stairs, they passed behind an officer standing there with a handgun drawn, making sure everyone had a path to safety.

Finally, the police persuaded the man in the house to go out and arrested him. He ended the confrontation without being hurt. The police took the man to assess mental health.

The video shows that the police took the children to the firefighters to inspect them.

After all, no charges were brought against the man at the heart of the confrontation. The police decided that everything revolves around a mental health crisis.


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