One teenager was killed and another wounded in a shooting attack in the occupied Seattle area


Pensacola, Florida

A 16-year-old boy was killed and a teenager injured early on Monday in the “occupied” protest area of ​​Seattle – the second deadly shooting in the area and local officials pledged to change it after trade complaints and criticism from President Donald Trump.

Police chief Carmen Best said that the violence that occurred a week after the shooting in the area behind the killing of one person and wounding another was “dangerous and unacceptable”.

“Enough is enough,” Best told reporters. “We need to be able to return to the area.”

The protesters occupied several buildings around the Seattle Seattle Police Department area and a park for nearly two weeks after the police abandoned the area after confrontations and clashes with protesters demanding ethnic justice and an end to police brutality.

Witnesses reported that they saw a white multi-purpose jeep near a temporary checkpoint around the protest area around 3 am on Monday, before the shooting, a police statement said.

The 911 callers said that several people shot the car. Police said two people, who were probably passengers of the car, were taken to a local hospital.

Police said the 16-year-old had died at Harborview Medical Center. The second victim, a 14-year-old boy, was hospitalized with gunshot wounds. He was reportedly in critical condition.

“The investigators searched the jeep for evidence, but it was clear that the crime scene was disturbed,” the police statement said.

In a previous fatal shooting incident in the area, a 19-year-old man was killed on June 20 and a 33-year-old man was injured.

Best said that the shooting obscures the racist justice message that protesters say they are promoting.

“Two African American men were killed in a place where they claim to work for the lives of black people. The police chief said:” They are gone, they are now dead.

The city’s mayor, Jenny Dorkan, said last week that the city would start trying to dismantle the so-called “Capitol Hill protest building” area. On Friday, city workers tried to remove temporary barriers erected around the area, but they suspended their jobs after protesters intercepted.

Neighboring companies and realtors filed a federal lawsuit against the city last Wednesday, claiming that officials were very tolerant of those who created the area and that officials deprived realtors of their property rights by allowing the area to continue to exist.

Business owners said they did not try to undermine the protestors’ anti-brutality messages against the protesters and the “black spirits” messages.

But the owners said they suffered because the construction of the area limited their access to their businesses and that some owners trying to write on the clean walls of their storefronts or attempted to photograph the protesters were threatened.

Trump has repeatedly criticized the Seattle protest area, as well as city and state leaders. He tweeted on Monday morning that the protesters “do not respect the government.”

Some protesters in the occupied area say that the demonstration is not the cause of the shooting.

Antoine Polar, 43, told the Seattle Times: “The bloodshed you’re talking about has nothing to do with movement.” “This is the people who would have done this in North Seattle or South Seattle anyway – it’s only concentrated here.


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