Florida breaks records with 10000 cases of corona in one day


Pensacola, fl

A statistic showed that the US state of Florida broke records today by recording more than ten thousand new infections with the Corona virus, the largest daily increase in the state since the outbreak of the epidemic.

A new outbreak in Texas, California and Arizona has broken the US records and pushed the number of infections to levels not seen since April.

The number of infections in Florida in June increased by 168 percent or more than 95,000 new cases. The percentage of positive analyzes of the disease jumped from four percent at the end of May to 15 percent.

The daily number of infections in Florida, home to 21 million people, exceeded that of any European country during the height of the epidemic.

The state closed bars and some beaches, but its governor refused to impose gags in public places or to re-impose public exclusion.


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