A black woman killed in Dallas, is the 18th converts’ death this year


Pensacola, Florida

Mercy Mac, a 22-year-old black transgender woman, was shot and killed in Dallas.

Another 17 transgender people were killed according to the human rights campaign.

According to the police, a passerby found the unconscious in a parking lot. The site’s residents informed the police that they heard gunfire at about five in the morning, but the police reported that there were no records of 911 calls at that time.

“Her friends say that Mercy Mac was a young optimistic spirit who deserves to lead a full life. The Human Rights Council mourns Morsi’s loved ones and calls for a full and thorough investigation of her death,” said Tori Cooper, director of the Human Rights Campaign. Community participation for the Transgender Justice Initiative, according to the Out magazine

More transsexuals have been killed in Texas than any other state in the past five years, and nearly half of those deaths have been in Dallas,

Dallas police killed Mac’s name in their report, saying they were “not provided with a preferred name” by relatives.

Deadnaming is the use of the birth name of a heterosexual person, his former name, and is often accompanied by abuse.

GLAAD, a media monitoring organization founded by LGBT people, tweeted that doing this “increases the pain of her death”.


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