60 shots, 9 fatal, in Chicago


Pensacola, Florida

 60 people, 9 killers, were shot across Chicago

Among the dead were a teenage girl, two teenage boys and a three-year-old boy. The other victims of the killing were adult men.

The death of the three-year-old sparked a response from Chicago Mayor Laurie Lightfoot.

Lightfoot wrote on Twitter: “The collective heartbreak of our city … There are simply no words to describe such a gruesome and unacceptable act of portraying a young child.”

The child was in a car with his 27-year-old father Saturday night when a suspect stopped in a blue Honda and shot his car.

A bullet hit the man’s abdomen. The child was wounded in the back. He was pronounced dead at the district hospital.

There were also several non-lethal shootings across the city this weekend.

Among the victims are many teenage boys and a 64-year-old woman.

The news outlet says that the woman was sitting inside her house when she flew bullets through her window and hit her in the arm. She was taken to hospital in good condition, and is expected to fully recover.

The police believe that they were not the intended target of the shooter.

As of 12 noon Sunday, more than 60 people have been killed in the city in the past three days. WLS routinely updates its reports with the latest figures and victim information as provided by the authorities.


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