A shooting was reported in Ravenna Taco Bell


Pensacola, Florida

Ravenna police are investigating a report of gunfire in the Taco Bell car park before 10:00 pm.

The police were called to the restaurant at 308 E. Main St. , Around 9:58 p.m.

According to a press release from Ravenna Police Department.

A caller said that two cars, a red car and a silver / gray car, were involved and left before the police arrived.

Later, the police found a silver / gray car occupied by two people with an opening in the hood, believed to be from a gunshot wound. He was not injured and was questioned by the police. The red car and its diver were not found.

It is not clear if anyone was injured, as the passengers of the second car have not yet been found, but no injuries have been reported.

 District hospitals have been asked to contact the Ravenna Police if anyone comes with gunshot wounds.

Ravenna‘s detective office has been called to the scene. The police said evidence was gathered and being processed. The surrounding businesses are checked for any video showing the incident.


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