A pilot is killed in a combat plane crash at Shaw Air Force Base


Pensacola, Florida

A military pilot died in a fighter plane crash during a training mission at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina.

The pilot of the 20th combat wing, Larry Sullivan, confirmed the pilot’s death early Wednesday morning.

The accident occurred at the military base at about 11:30 p.m.

Al Qaeda officials said the pilot was performing a routine training mission at the F-16CM Fighting Falcon when the plane crashed.

The pilot was the only person on the plane.

The cause of the accident is under investigation. The pilot’s name was not immediately revealed.

1 of 2 Oklahoma officers were shot dead during a traffic hitch

Authorities said on Tuesday that one of the officers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who had been killed during a traffic stop, had died.

Sergeant Wendell Franklin said Sergeant. Craig Johnson died .

He said Johnson was shot several times during Monday’s attack, including one that was “critical”.

Franklin described Johnson’s death as a “heavy loss” for the police station.

“His sacrifice will not pass without anyone remembering it,” he said.

A patrol car was covered in the department where officers were with flowers, balloons, American flags and hand-held signs as a tribute.

Johnson and a rookie officer Aurash Zarkeshan were shot around 3:30 am while traffic was interrupted.

The suspected gunman, David Anthony Ware, 32, was arrested after a search that lasted more than seven hours.

The officers were trying to get the ware out of the car, and one of the officers had already deployed a Tazir and Pepper machine gun in an attempt to remove it. Once it came out, Franklin said, Weir pulled out a pistol and fired several rounds.

He said that Zirchan has been on patrol for less than six weeks since he graduated from the Police Academy in the spring.

Franklin said that Johnson joined the Tulsa Police in 2005 and was promoted to Sergeant 2015.

Sergeant. Tulsa Mayor GTN Johnson said he was a good man who made our lives better, and trained his fellow officers to be better. Phnom.

Franklin said that Johnson survived his wife, two sons, and his parents. He said that the Johnson family decided to donate its organs.

The motive for the shooting was unclear. Tulsa Police Captain Richard Mullenberg said that Weir had no known bias against the police.

The police said that while Weir was stopped, he called a “arrived” partner in a separate car and took him. Police said the man, Matthew Hall, was arrested later on Tuesday in Broken Arrow.

Ware faces charges of murder and weapons, and Hall is counting a minor murder and related charge.

Both are held without support in Tulsa prison. Court records do not include a lawyer to speak for either of them.


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