2 Oklahoma police officers, suspect in custody, were shot


Police said two police officers in Tulsa, Oklahoma State, were seriously injured on the eastern side of the city, and police arrested the suspected gunman after a search lasting more than seven hours.

Captain Richard Mullenberg, David Anthony Ware, 32, said that he was arrested at 10:45 am.

Police had been searching for Ware since about 3:30 am after they allegedly shot two officers during a traffic stop. Officers – Sergeant. Police chief Wendell Franklin said that Craig Johnson and rookie officer Urash Zarkishan – were still in critical condition on Monday afternoon and “fighting for their lives”.

Franklin said Zarkeshan had been on patrol for less than six weeks after graduating from the Police Academy in the spring.

The two officers were trying to remove ware from the car, and one of the officers had already deployed a Tazir and Pepper machine gun in an attempt to get it out.

“When they managed to get the driver out of the car, the driver produced a pistol and fired several shells,” Franklin said.

Mullenberg said the motive behind the shooting was unclear and Weir had no known bias to the police.

“He clearly does not want to arrest him,” Mullenberg said.

Franklin said that after the officers were shot, Ware moved away from the scene, and was picked up by a “partner” who arrived in a separate car.

Franklin said that this man, Matthew Hall, was later arrested in Broken Arrow.

He said he called the phone and called this person while he was being stopped.

The wire was charged with two counts of shooting with the intention of killing and illegally holding a firearm, court records show.

They didn’t mention a lawyer who could speak on behalf of Ware.


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