There is no guarantee that US will get a vaccine and the outbreak can be very bad


Pensacola, fl

The U.S. administration’s chief communicable disease expert said the United States should not rely on the possibility of obtaining a safe and effective vaccine for Covid-19 and warned that a large daily increase in the number of cases could reach more than double if Americans did not take steps to control the virus.

California, Texas and several other states are recording a record increase in the number of cases of the disease that sometimes kills people caused by the emerging coronavirus, which has led to a careful reassessment of its containment efforts and the importance of dozens of potential vaccines being developed at an unprecedented speed.

“It is extremely important that there are safe and effective vaccines available to everyone in this country,” said Dr. Anthony Fauchi, president of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, to the Senate panel.

But Fauchi cautioned, however, that “there is no guarantee … that we will get a safe and effective vaccine.”

He urged Americans to follow the guidelines for social distancing and gagging, warning that the daily increase in the number of cases currently reaching about 40,000 new cases could reach 100,000 if there was no change in behavior.

“I am very concerned about the possibility of (the outbreak) becoming very bad,” he added.


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