Corona injuries increased in ten US states


Pensacola, fl

An analysis showed that the incidence of the new corona virus increased more than twice in ten US states in June.

The state of Arizona recorded the largest jump in injuries during the month, increasing by 294 percent, followed by South Carolina and Arkansas. The injuries increased more than twice as many in Alabama, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Utah.

At the country level, the incidence increased by at least 43 percent and deaths increased by 20 percent. Some states still have not registered cases.

Last week, 21 US states recorded confirmed infection rates above the five percent level considered by the World Health Organization. Arizona recorded the highest rate at 24 percent.

Cases increased by less than 10 percent in only four states – New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey.

New York was once the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States and saw cases rise by 6 percent in June, the lowest rate in the country, following strict measures of public isolation and social separation.

While most countries in the world feel that the worst is over in this pandemic, the United States and a few countries are still experiencing increases in the number of people affected.

In the six months since the World Health Organization announced for the first time the emergence of foci of mysterious pneumonia in Wuhan, China, more than 500,000 people have died of the virus, including more than 126,000 in the United States.

The strong national response, imposing public isolation measures, and making compulsory muzzling in public places helped to control the pandemic in many Asian and European countries, but in the United States the muzzle position has become a contentious political issue and many states have resumed work without reaching the health levels required to do so in a manner security.


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