Gilead is priced remedifier for Covid-19 patient


Pensacola, fl

Gilead Sciences said that the price of the anti-viral drug Remedisfer it produces and decides to use as a treatment for Covid-19 will be $ 2,340 per patient in wealthier countries.

Gilead Sciences agreed to send nearly all of its supplies to the United States within the next three months.

This price is slightly lower than the range between $ 2520 and $ 2,800 proposed last week by the Clinical and Economic Review Institute, a US body that looks at drug prices, after British researchers said they found dexamethasone, a family of steroids, cheap and available at A wide range has significantly reduced mortality among critical cases with Covid-19 disease.

One of the treatments that have been shown to alter the course of Covid-19 is expected to increase demand for “remediesiver”, and after intravenous administration of the drug has shortened hospital recovery times in clinical trials.

It is noteworthy that “Remdisever” obtained approval for use in severe cases in the United States and obtained full approval in Japan.

As for American patients with commercial insurance, Gilead said that a five-day course would cost $ 3,120, or $ 520 per vial.

That is 33 percent higher than the $ 390 per bottle that Gilead said it would charge to developed country governments and US patients in government health care programs.

In an open letter, Daniel Oday, CEO of Gilead, stated that the price is far below the value it provides, given that hospitalization early can provide about $ 12,000 to the patient in the United States.

Patient advocacy bodies, such as Public Citizen, argue that the cost should be lower because Remediesever was developed with financial support from the United States government.


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