He refused to serve a client without a muzzle, so he got 63000 dollars


A young waiter working in a “Starbucks” café in California, got the sympathy of the Americans for $ 63,000, after he apologized for serving a client who refused to wear a muzzle.

The customer took a picture of the worker and posted it on her Facebook page, and wrote, “This is Lenin from Starbucks, he refused my service because I wasn’t wearing a mask.

Next time I will call the police and get a medical exemption.”

The post got thousands followers, after many commentators shared it.

The incident caused a great reaction on the social platforms, but instead of making the impact that the client was hoping for, the young man was supported by most of the followers.

In response to what activists saw as the attempt to defame the young man, one of the followers launched a campaign to collect donations for the young man and compensate him for the damage caused to him by the post.

Donations did not stop since the beginning of the week, bringing the total grants to about 63 thousand dollars.


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