Corona virus deaths in the United States exceed 128000 cases


Pensacola, fl

The death toll from the emerging coronavirus in the United States has exceeded 128,000, amid a rapid spread of the disease in the country.

To date, according to the data of the Worldometers Statistics website, 2589173 confirmed cases of the new Corona virus have been recorded, including 1,28989 deaths, equivalent to 4.95% of the total number of cases, and 1077777 cures, or 41.62%.

In the recent weeks, the United States has witnessed unprecedented increases in daily infection with the Corona virus, due to the rapid spread of outbreaks in a number of states, including Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Mississippi.

According to its own statistics, Reuters reported yesterday, Friday, that 40,870 new HIV infections were reported in the United States, in the largest daily increase of this indicator in the country.

Despite these developments, US President Donald Trump said that, in front of his administration, little work remained to combat the Corona virus, expressing his conviction that it would be done.

The United States is the first country in the world in terms of the death toll and infections of the emerging coronavirus.


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