Two major US states are tightening the limits of Corona’s deterrence


Pensacola, fl

The authorities of two of the largest states in America decided to re-impose some restrictions aimed at limiting the spread of the new Corona virus, against the backdrop of a record level of the epidemic in the country.

In Texas, Republican Governor Greg Abbott ordered the closure of all bars, saying: “It appears that the rise in the numbers of casualties is caused by specific types of activities, including Texas community gatherings in bars.

Abbott, who was by far one of the biggest supporters of a return to normalcy, also decided to reduce the permissible capacity for restaurants in the state by 50%, in addition to banning more than a hundred people from gathering in the open air only after obtaining approval from the local authorities.

In Florida, Miami Daddy’s mayor, Carlos Jimenez, announced the closure of popular beaches in the province during the Independence Day holiday (July 4), noting that restricting recreational activities is a justified measure given the number of young men among the new injured.

According to health experts, one of the biggest reasons for the high rate of new cases of coronavirus in the United States is the return of many young people to recreational activities without adhering to epidemiological directives such as wearing masks and social spacing.

The United States witnessed during the largest daily increase in the death toll from Corona since the beginning of the pandemic, by monitoring 45.3 thousand new infections within 24 hours.


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