16 states are experiencing an increase in corona injuries


Pensacola, fl

Mike Pines, US Vice President Donald Trump, said that 16 states in the country are experiencing an increase in the incidence of the emerging corona virus.

Speaking to reporters, he explained that the government is carefully monitoring the increase in the number of injuries in southern states, and called on Americans to comply with the rules of social divergence to limit the spread of infection.

The US vice president urged young people affected by the virus to help protect older people, stressing the importance of they follow the instructions of local authorities.

US government experts believe that more than 20 million people in the United States may be among those infected with the Coronavirus, which is ten times more than what is reported in official records.

The estimates come at a time when government officials point to the discovery of many new cases among young men and women who have not had symptoms of the disease and may not know that they are carrying it.


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