The governor of Texas, USA, suspends lifting public restrictions due to a record increase in Corona injuries


Pensacola, fl

The governor of Texas, the United States, Greg Abbott, announced the suspension of the process of reopening the economy in the state, due to the high number of confirmed cases of corona virus and the accumulation of cases in hospitals.

Abbott said, in a statement while we are facing an increase in the number of positive results for COVID-19 examinations and the number of cases in hospitals, we proceed primarily from adopting strategies that will help stop the spread of the virus and will ensure, however, that Texas citizens do not lose their jobs.

Abbott added that the temporary suspension will help our state in containing the outbreak so that we can enter the next stage of reopening the economy.

Texas was one of the first US states to begin the process of easing public restrictions imposed due to the Corona virus pandemic, as it allowed many public facilities to reopen and the economic movement to resume.

The decision of the state authorities comes after it set a record in the past days for people living with the virus, and the daily total reached last Monday to 6000 thousand cases.

New cases are rising rapidly in the cities of Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and El Paso, as patients are overcrowded in hospitals.


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