Corona production can take up to a year


Pensacola, fl

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Gebresus said it was not certain that scientists would be able to find an effective vaccine for the Corona virus, which caused the Covid-19 pandemic. If they did, it could take a year.

Tidros, speaking at a video conference of the European Parliament’s Health Committee today (Thursday), said that if such a vaccine could be produced it should be available to everyone. He added: “It will be very difficult to cut that we will find a vaccine. We have not yet reached the vaccine for Corona virus, so I hope that when it is discovered it will be the first.

He stated that the World Health Organization has more than 100 formulas recommended to be a vaccine, including one in an advanced stage of development. He said: «We hope that there will be a vaccine, and estimates indicate that we will reach one within a year, and if efforts accelerate, it may be less than that, but two months, this is what scientists say


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