A fund of up to $ 630 million opens to victims of Jeffrey Epstein


Pensacola, fl

A fund to compensate the victims of the late offender Jeffrey Epstein was opened for claims on Thursday, enabling dozens of women who were attacked by a financier when she was 14 years old to obtain plots of his $ 630 million property.

A Virgin Islands judge agreed this month, to facilitate payment of compensation for abused women by Epstein before federal prosecutors in New York last year accused him of sex trafficking for women and girls in the early 2000s. He has long been convicted of charges in the Florida State Court.

Jordana H. stated. Feldman, the fund manager, told reporters on Thursday that many women are reluctant to take advantage of the fund to know their privacy features.

She said: “Confidentiality and the ability to maintain the privacy of this information is one of the most attractive features of this program.”

She said that Epstein’s estate appears to have “enough cash to pay claims” even though more than 70 women may apply.

“If we need to get more money, I will definitely go to the estate and see what more can be done about liquidating other assets,” she said.

After Epstein, 66, killed himself in August in Manhattan prison, more than a dozen lawsuits against his property said that teenage girls and women were sexually assaulted, sometimes for years, by Epstein and his empowerment elements in homes in Manhattan, Virgin Islands, Paris and New Mexico and Florida .

Women who want to drop the chain of lawsuits have nine months to file claims with the Epstein Victims Compensation Scheme. Court records show that even claims that are prohibited by different statutes of limitations will be heard.

The fund manager will assess each claim individually to determine how much money each woman will receive.

Court records show that there is no ceiling – exceeding the size of the property in millions of dollars – for individual claims.

While the compensation fund has met with some apprehension, court records show that lawyers for at least 69 women support him. “The approval drum continues to increase,” the executives wrote of the estate in a recording.

“We have confidence that the program will be the most successful of its kind,” said Brad Edwards, attorney for several Epstein victims who helped develop it. “Of course, if no victim is satisfied with the program, she is free to pursue her treatment through litigation.”

Working with Feldman is Kenneth Feinberg, a well-known mediator who oversaw compensation funds for victims of the September 11 attacks and mistreatment of clergy within the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York


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