The number of black Americans who have been treated for corona is 4 times that of whites


Pensacola, fl

US government data showed that the number of Americans with dark skin who received treatment from the Corona Covid-19 virus in hospital was greater compared to eggs.

The data pointed out that the number of black Americans registered in the health care lists and entered hospital for treatment of Covid-19 disease is four times greater than their white counterparts, which highlights the big racial differences in the health conditions of Americans during the pandemic.

“The differences in the data reflect old challenges for minority groups, older adults and people with lower incomes,” said Sima Verma, director of government Medicare and Medicaid government centers that released the data.

The data showed that the tests showed that more than 325,000 Medicare beneficiaries were infected with Covid-19 between January 1 and May 16. More than 110,000 of them received hospital treatment.

African Americans were hospitalized with the disease at a rate of 465 people out of every 100,000 black Medicare beneficiaries.

For other ethnic groups monitored by government medical care centers, rates of receiving Covid-19 treatment in the hospital were 258 for Hispanics, 187 for Asians, and 123 for whites.

It should be noted that the number of coronavirus infections in the United States has reached nearly 2,388,000 to date, while the number of deaths reached 122,611.


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