Sammy Guevara was arrested for profanity against his colleague Sasha Banks


Pensacola, fl

Sammy Guevara was subjected to the suspension from participating in the “All Elite Wrestling” tournaments indefinitely for his statements about rape 4 years ago.

4 years ago, Guevara pronounced a few words of modesty in one of the new digital media podcast episodes of the American entertainment world wrestler Sasha Banks, who said he “wants to rape this woman.

The Daily Mail newspaper reported that this story only spread now, and now one of the prominent fighters in “All Elite Wrestling” is facing a big problem.

Sammy Guevara apologized on Twitter for his statements and even contacted Sasha Banks herself, but this did not save him from the consequences.

In a statement, the “All Elite Wrestling” announced that Guevara was excluded from the tournaments during the investigation period, and that he was deprived of financial dues: “During the suspension period, his salary will be transferred to the Jacksonville Women’s Center.”

It is noteworthy that Sami Guevara, 26, has been participating in “AEW” tournaments since 2019.


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