1200 waiting list for a New York hairdressing salon after opening again .. The price is $ 1000


Pensacola, fl

Gagging, masks, gloves, and measuring temperature became standard rules before cutting hair for a thousand dollars at the luxurious Salon Julian Farrell, which opened its doors again as New York City moved to an advanced stage of resuming activity after closure due to the spread of Covid-19 disease caused by the Corona virus.

Top hairdressers in the chic salon on the eastern side of Upper Manhattan are starting to deal with a waiting list of 1,200 customers who want to rest their shaggy feeling after a three-month closure due to the Corona virus.

“He deserves every penny, because he takes care of you with ease,” said Susan Warren, sitting on a hairdresser and removed the muzzle to speak to a Reuters reporter.

Warren, who lives in New York, went on to say, “It feels so cool.” Now, I will eat jelly with peanut butter and I will get great, dyed hair

This wonderful feeling begins with hand cleansing and muzzle placement in an attempt to preserve the new reality that New York boasts as the US state with the lowest incidence of corona virus, which was just a few months ago the epicenter of the pandemic.

“The moment the customer arrives, we measure his temperature from the door,” said Celine Farrell, chief executive of the salon and Julian’s wife, the main hairdresser.

She went on to tell customers to put their bags in a plastic bag. We give them wet wipes to clean cell phones and glasses. Of course everyone should wear masks, and we recommend hand washing and sterilization.

Farrell expected increased demand, despite the large cost.

She said we have a long waiting list. People communicate by phone, e-mail and text messages. The call does not stop. Julian Farrell said he was happy to return to work with Manhattan gradually reopening and said 1,200 people are on the waiting list finally today. We live.


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