New York celebrates progress in the Battle of Corona and record casualties in 12 other states


Pensacola, fl

After spending more than 100 days locked up in isolation restrictions, New York City residents celebrated the progress they had made in their battle with the emerging corona virus, some of whom had their hair cut for the first time in months, and some who went out shopping in stores that had been closed for a long time, including eating In restaurants.

After a time when the outbreak was the center of the world, New York City became the last region in the state to move to the second stage of reopening, where restaurants and bars provide outdoor services with many stores reopening. Hair salons welcomed customers for the first time since mid-March.

The stadiums are to be reopened in the most populous cities of the United States. The virus has killed about 120,000 Americans.

Meanwhile, 12 states in the south and southwest have recorded record increases in Corona injuries and often record increases in injuries requiring hospitalization, a measure not affected by the expansion of testing.

Record increases in new cases were recorded last week in Arizona, California, Florida and Texas, the four states where about a third of the US population lives. Alabama, Georgia, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah and Wyoming also experienced record increases in cases.


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