A global charity event to fight Covid-19 disease


Pensacola, fl

World-renowned stars of music and cinema will perform a televised party and be shown online on Saturday to raise funds to help fight Covid-19 as part of a joint initiative between Global Citizen and the European Commission.

The initiative, dubbed “Global Goal: United for Our Future”, aims to raise billions of dollars in private and public donations to help reduce the impact of the pandemic on marginalized societies.

In an Internet broadcast before the ceremony, pop star Miley Cyrus said that the poor and the marginalized are hardest hit by the pandemic. She urged donors who donate money for checks, treatments and vaccines to ensure that they are developed in ways that make them available to everyone everywhere.

Researchers and drug makers are working to develop more than 100 possible vaccines for Covid-19, which has killed more than 463,000 people.

The concert will be presented by actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, with the participation of Cyrus, duo Chloe and Haley, singer Christine and the Queens, Coldplay team, Shakira and others, as well as actor Hugh Jackman, retired footballer David Beckham and actress Charles Theron.

“We want our world leaders to provide the billions of dollars needed to develop and distribute checks, treatments and vaccinations evenly,” said Global Hugh Evans, chief executive of Global Citizen.

European Commission President Ursula von der der Line said the ceremony will coincide with a fundraising summit in which artists, scientists and world leaders will express their commitment “to helping the world eliminate the Corona virus without abandoning anyone.


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