Trump’s campaign raises $ 74 million in donations in May


Pensacola, fl

US President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign announced that Trump and the Republican National Committee collected donations worth $ 74 million in May.

This amount represents up from the $ 61.7 million raised in April, and the collection of these donations also comes with Trump holding a rally in Tusla, Oklahoma, in the first major event in his election campaign since the Corona virus pandemic halted most campaigns.

For his part, Joe Biden, the former vice president, has stepped up fundraising in recent months as well, since he became the de facto candidate for the Democratic Party in the November 3 presidential election.

Biden has made progress over Trump in public opinion polls due to the Corona pandemic crises and civil unrest, against the backdrop of police brutality in many US cities.

Biden and the National Democratic Committee raised in May 80.8 million dollars in the largest amount collected in one month.

Nevertheless, Trump’s financial advantage over Biden continued, according to decisions submitted by the two campaigns separately on Saturday.

The president has been campaigning for re-election since 2017, and his campaign had $ 108.1 million in cash directly at the end of May. Biden, who started his campaign in April, had $ 82.4 million.

The Trump campaign also spent more than Biden’s campaign in May, and expenditures totaled $ 24.5 million, more than half of which went to political advertising.


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