Tik Tok users and Korean music fans are spoiling an election rally for Trump


Pensacola, fl

Tik Tok users and pop music enthusiasts have reduced the number of attendees at the first election conference in months for US President Donald Trump.

And social media users have claimed, via various platforms, including the famous “Tik Tok” application to share videos, in publications and online recordings, that they registered requests for free tickets to attend the electoral conference as a joke without the intention to go.

Trump campaign director Brad Barsquel said before the event that there are more than a million requests for tickets, but many seats appeared empty on the stadium in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which hosted the 19,000-person election conference, and Trump and Vice President Mike Pence canceled two words. They were scheduled in front of a large crowd expected outside the headquarters.

The Trump campaign said that admission was a priority and that no actual tickets were issued.

“Leftists are always deluding themselves when they think they are skilled,” Trump campaign spokesman Tim Morto said. Registering to attend an election conference only means that you booked through a phone number, but we thank them for giving us their contact numbers.


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