One dead and 11 injured due to gunfire in Minneapolis


Pensacola, fl

American police announced the death of one person and the injury of 11 others as a result of gunfire in Minneapolis.

The Minneapolis police confirmed on its Twitter account that the dead man was a minor, noting that injuries to the wounded did not threaten their lives.

Police have yet to reveal the identity of the dead and wounded, and whether they have arrested any suspects in connection with the accident.

Earlier, the police had reported shooting in the Hennepin district, calling on citizens to stay away from them

Social media activists have shared footage of the accident scene, showing the front of the Landmark Theater and a nearby store, and apparently been shot.

The footage shows police elements at the scene, and some are trying to help one of the injured.

Activists have published an audio recording documenting contacts between police officers, who confirmed that the search is underway for a suspect with darker skin and has golden teeth.

Tension has remained in Minneapolis since late April, when the city turned into a bastion of widespread protests that rocked various parts of the United States against the backdrop of the murder of a young, dark-skinned young man George Floyd by a policeman during his arrest there.


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