A couple bought a car for $ 100 and sold it to Elon holding a million dollars


Pensacola, fl

In the United States, the storage garage is usually sold when its owner cannot be found or contacted for a long period of time, as it is sold at auction.

In 1989, a Long Island couple decided to buy a garage and pay him $ 100. When they opened the scene and saw a small sports car, it later turned out to be a Lotus Esprit 1976.

The car remained at the couple’s home until 2010, until they knew the secret of the car they had.

It turns out that this car was used in the James Bond movie that was shot in 1977. It turned out to be a car that can turn into a submarine and can bomb missiles.

Fortunately for them, we managed to reach the founder of the Ian Fleming Fund, who assured them that the car was indeed a Bond car.

This discovery eventually caught the attention of billionaire billionaire Elon Musk, who bought the car at an auction for $ 997,000.


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