New York City Council passes a police oversight bill


Pensacola, fl

The New York City Council passed, overwhelmingly, a bill requiring the city’s police force to publicize the tools it uses for surveillance as a whole.

The city council spokesman’s office said that the council approved the law on public control of surveillance technology with the support of 44 members in exchange for six objections.

The city’s mayor, Bill de Palacio, who had expressed opposition to the bill, indicated that he would sign it with approval to become law in force.

The bill remained frozen for years until it gained momentum after the death of black American George Floyd following his arrest in Minneapolis and the massive protests that followed.

The new rules give the New York police 180 days to provide a list of the surveillance technologies they use and how they affect city residents.

“This is an opportunity for the city and the New Yorkers to understand what the New York Police Force is using, how it is using it, and who is using it,” said Vanessa Gibson, one of the most supporters of the bill.

The New York Police Force is the largest police force in the United States, and has a fleet of drones.


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