Disneyland is preparing to open its doors after 5 months of closure


Pensacola, fl

Hong Kong Disneyland is preparing to open again and receive visitors after its closure since last January, following measures imposed by the emerging Corona Virus on a number of countries in the world.

Disneyland will limit the number of visitors and entry will require wearing masks and accompanying health forms of visitors, as well as the social distance between them,

The park said activities requiring close interaction, such as photo sessions with Disney characters, will remain suspended.

And Disney’s entertainment city in Hong Kong is the second Disney city to open until now in the shadow of the “Corona” epidemic, after Disney City in Shanghai lights up its lights last month

Hong Kong’s social separation measures, which ban gatherings of more than eight people and limit the capacity of restaurants and restaurants, remain in place.

To date, the city has reported 1110 total cases of the “emerging corona” virus, with numbers declining recently.

Citizens are obligated to wear masks, even as life slowly returns to normal. Hong Kong intends to ease the social divergence rules imposed to contain the spread of the Corona virus, by allowing the gathering of up to 50 people.


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