Deaths are falling for a second day in the United States


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Although the number of deaths due to coronavirus infection has decreased in the United States for the second day in a row, the number of infections in countries divided between those who want to re-launch life as they were and who are calling for continued prevention measures to continue at a high rate, registering 20,000 cases daily , Amid difficulty in reducing this number, and fears the possibility of a new wave next fall.

Even wearing masks is also under attack amid calls in some states that it is not mandatory to wear them and leave the decision to the people concerned themselves, as was the case in California where health authorities in some counties were forced to pass a decision not required to wear a muzzle. The Union of Provincial and City Health Officials and the Health Coalition for Big Cities said that public health departments have faced lawsuits over their authority to close companies, schools and places of worship in order to protect society in general, although these measures have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Many hospitals recorded new congestion in the number of infections in 10 states: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

Some believe that Americans have placed the fate of the epidemic largely on the shoulders of individuals and their commitment to social divergence measures. News stations have reported health officials for fear of a possible return to a full closure in some states.

It is noteworthy that the economic losses from one round of the first closings were disastrous in the United States, where more than 40 million lost their jobs and filed for unemployment benefits since mid-March.

For the second consecutive day, the United States recorded fewer than 400 deaths from the new Corona virus within 24 hours, according to Johns Hopkins University, a key reference in tracking the number of epidemics. The university recorded 385 new deaths, within 24 hours on American soil, three less than on Sunday, which is the lowest death toll in the United States since last March. But this decline in deaths may not necessarily mean that the epidemic is receding, and it may be due to a lack of data, during the weekends. The daily death toll from the emerging “corona” virus in the United States crossed the threshold of 500 deaths at the end of March, and peaked in mid-April when it exceeded 3,000 deaths a day.

The United States is, by far, the rest of the world, the country most affected by the Covid 19 pandemic; Whether on the level of injuries that exceeded 2.1 million Monday night, and on the level of deaths that exceeded 116,000 deaths, many other countries are more affected than the United States, according to the death rate relative to the population.


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