446,770 victims of corona in the world


Pensacola, fl

Corona virus, the emerging newborn of the disease «Covid-19» has killed at least 446,770 people worldwide since it appeared in China in December, according to the census of World meter

Since the beginning of the epidemic, 8,295,813 cases have been officially registered in 196 countries and regions, of which 4,347,331 cases have recovered.

The United States is still ranked first in terms of the number of injuries by 2209231 and the number of deaths by 119,158 cases. It is followed by Brazil with 928,834 injuries and 45,456 deaths.

Britain comes third in the list of deaths with 41,969 deaths out of 298,136 injuries, while Russia comes third in the list of injuries with a total of 553,301 injuries, but with 7478 deaths


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