Trump maps 3 tracks to police reform


Pensacola, fl

In the presence of a large number of congressional leaders and heads of police unions and associations, US President Donald Trump, in the White House flower garden, signed an executive order titled “Safe Police for Safe Communities”, drawing 3 tracks of police reform after widespread protests and violence, following the killing of an African-American detainee At the hands of a white policeman.

The decision includes new standards for police use of force, with the aim of encouraging better practices for police, and allocates federal funds to reform police department work and create a database to track officers with a history of excessive use of force throughout the United States. The executive order includes the establishment of a national certification system that gives police departments financial incentives if they implement the standards of new practices.

The executive order did not address the demands to reduce immunity granted to police officers, so that individuals can file lawsuits against them. White House officials indicated that President Trump strongly rejected this demand or reduced or reduced the budgets of police departments. Alternatively, Republican Senator Tim Scott accepted the proposal to cancel the reappointment of officers involved in misconduct and the use of violence in other police departments.

Trump explained that the executive order focuses on 3 tracks, the first is to ensure that some financial incentives from the federal government are directed to police departments that implement the new standards, from stopping the use of strangulation, reducing tactics of arresting suspects, and providing training for police officers, and the second is to create a database of officers who They are accused of misconduct to prevent them from re-joining other departments of the police, and finally encourage the employment of police departments for civil and mental health professionals who accompany the officers during detention and provide assistance to those suffering from mental or mental illness or drug addiction.

At the beginning of his speech, the US President expressed his condolences to the families of all those who lost his life due to the use of excessive violence, vowing to remedy this. He stressed that he would fight for justice. In a conciliatory tone contrary to his previous defiant statements during which he hinted the use of military force against the protests, Trump said that the goal of this executive order is to achieve law and order, and that this be done fairly and fairly, indicating that he worked with Republican Congress leaders, including Senator Tim Scott (The only Republican of African descent), and with Justice Secretary William Barr, to come up with bills in Congress as well to reform police departments. He promised to work with Congress to implement these reforms.


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