Reopening an investigation into two suicide incidents in California


Pensacola, fl

Federal authorities in the United States have decided to reopen investigations into the deaths of two people of African descent whose bodies were found hanging from two trees in California.

The local police said that no criminal motives had caused the death of Robert Fuller and Malcolm Harsh, who had died in separate incidents in two different countries within two weeks.

But locals doubted that the cause of the deaths was suicide.

Thousands of people signed a petition calling for a full investigation into Fuller’s death.

Authorities had found Fuller’s body hanging in a tree on June 10 in the town of Palmdale

Officials told a news conference that the 24-year-old appeared to have committed suicide, but his family said that his death was not a suicide.

“Everything they told us was not correct. My brother had no suicidal tendencies,” said Diamond’s sister, Dimond Alexander, during a gathering on Saturday.

As for Malcolm Harsh, he was found stuck on May 31 in a tree in an unoccupied camp in the town of Victorville, and officials suggested that Harsh, 37, had committed suicide. But there was no official report confirming the cause of death.

His sister Harmony Harsh said during a television interview that we are really trying to get more answers about exactly what happened. My brother was very loved, not only by his family but by foreigners. Nothing like it.

 They are monitoring the investigations of Los Angeles and San Bernardino County police chiefs who have confirmed that they will cooperate with investigators, said the FBI, the California District Attorney’s Office and the Civil Rights Department of the US Department of Justice.

Fuller’s and Harsh’s death comes in light of continued protests across the United States, demanding an end to racial inequality, racism and police brutality.


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