Covid-19 disease reaches 53077 in Britain


Pensacola, fl

The number of deaths in Britain due to Covid-19 disease reached 53077, which highlights the country’s position as one of the most affected countries in the world due to the emerging Corona virus.

It includes deaths reported Covid-19 in her death certificates in England, Wales and Northern Ireland until June 5 and in Scotland until June 7 and includes recent deaths in hospitals.

The National Statistics Office, which updates the numbers weekly, said the number of deaths due to Covid-19 in England and Wales had risen to 47,820 as of June 5.

The high number of deaths has sparked criticism of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s handling of the pandemic, with some opposition parties and scholars say Britain has failed to impose general isolation measures to protect the elderly in nursing homes.

The number of deaths issued daily by the government, which estimates deaths due to confirmed cases with the Corona virus, increased by 233 to a total of 41,969 deaths


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