Corona deaths in U.S exceeded the number killed in World War I


Pensacola, fl

The United States recorded more than 700 new deaths caused by the “emerging corona virus”, bringing the total number of victims of the “Covid-19” epidemic in this country to 116,850 people, more than the number of US military personnel who were killed during the First World War

Data published by the Johns Hopkins University, which is a reference in tracking infections and deaths caused by the virus, showed that the Covid-19 pandemic claimed 740 lives in the United States within 24 hours, taking the total death toll from this deadly virus in this country to more than 116,850. death.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the number of US military personnel killed during World War I is approximately 116,500.

The number of victims of the pandemic in the United States exceeded at the end of April the number of American soldiers who were killed in the two-decade Vietnam War.

The daily death toll from the “emerging corona virus” in the United States crossed the 500-point threshold at the end of March and peaked in mid-April, when it exceeded 3,000 daily.

However, the United States still records more than 20 thousand new infections a day every day, and it finds it difficult to reduce this number.

The United States is, by a wide margin, from the rest of the world, the country most affected by the “Covid 19” pandemic. In terms of injuries, which last night exceeded 2.13 million injuries, even in terms of deaths, but many other countries are more affected than it in terms of Mortality rate for the population.


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