Trump intends to sign an executive order for reforms in the US police


Pensacola, fl

US President Donald Trump has announced his intention to sign an executive order for reforms to police forces in the United States

Trump said, in a statement he made, that he will hold a special ceremony to sign the document and a press conference on the issue, and stated that we will make several decisions … We need wonderful people in our police.

He added that the goal of the new procedures lies in “implementing the law and ensuring justice and security”, considering that the executive order will bear an integrated nature.

Trump also considered the killing of the brown citizen, Richard Brooks, in the city of Atlanta a “horrifying issue and a matter of concern.”

The United States is witnessing a wave of protests and widespread disturbances against the violence of the security forces and racism, which was detonated by the killing of an African citizen, George Floyd, as a result of an operation to arrest him in a ruthless manner by members of the Minneapolis city police.

Against the backdrop of widespread calls for police reforms, Trump has said he intends to take a series of measures in this context while Republican and Democratic lawmakers in the US Congress are working on two separate projects on the issue.

A new wave of escalation began in the country after Atlanta Brookes police officers shot and killed gunships during an operation to hold him, sparking widespread protests in the city that prompted local police chief Erica Shields to resign.


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