Resume filming for the second part of Avatar in New Zealand which is free from Corona


Pensacola, fl

Director James Cameron is resuming filming the second part of the famous science fiction movie (Avatar) in New Zealand after being able to eradicate the Corona virus.

The film’s crew, including its director Cameron and producer John Landau, obtained a special permit two weeks ago to travel to New Zealand, although its borders are closed to prevent entry into the epidemic, which has sparked some grumbling about unfair treatment.

However, Landau said New Zealand had a lot to check behind it, and told New Zealand News (One News) after leaving a hotel in Wellington that he had been staying with his colleagues in quarantine since they arrived this production alone would create 400 jobs for New Zealanders to work within his team

In the next five months alone, he added, we will spend over 70 million here

Filming was halted in March, before New Zealand imposed strict public isolation measures to counter the emerging Corona virus.

The measures of public isolation succeeded in curbing the spread of the epidemic, so that during the past week, New Zealand removed all restrictions imposed by it except for the restrictions on borders after it was declared free of the virus, thus becoming one of the first countries in the world where life returned to normal before the epidemic spread.

Cameron, Landau and dozens of film crew were allowed to return to New Zealand based on economic reasons, which critics described as unfair at a time when families were still separated from one another, while companies were struggling to work without their main cadres.

The New Zealand Mountains, lawns, and forests are known for three films (Lord of the Rings) or Lord of the Rings, and have attracted an increasing number of major film production projects in recent years.


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