Police are searching for a masked woman who is suspected of setting fire to a restaurant in Atlanta


Pensacola, fl

Atlanta police offered a $ 10,000 cash reward and posted pictures of a white, masked woman suspected of setting fire to the “Wendy’s” restaurant where police shot a brown-skinned man.

On Saturday, protesters closed a major highway in the US city of Atlanta, and set fire to a restaurant where police shot a young man while trying to escape arrest, killing him.

And demonstrations took place in the streets of Atlanta, capital of the American state of Georgia, to protest the killing of the young man who was in his car, by police bullets, while he was waiting in a fast food queue south of the city center.

Georgia’s FBI said it was investigating the killing of Richardhard Brooks, 27, from Atlanta. Police said he resisted arrest after failing a field test that revealed whether he was drunk or drug users.

Brooks’ death came after weeks of mass anti-racist protests across the United States after the death of American George Floyd, after a policeman perched on his neck for nearly nine minutes during his arrest.

This incident, documented by camera lenses, may add to the escalation of protests in the United States.


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