Ezekiel Elliott is one of 2 Dallas Cowboys who have been diagnosed with coronavirus


Pensacola, fl

Ezekiel Elliot, the Dallas Cowboys star running back, has confirmed that he is positive for coronavirus, as confirmed in a social media post

Dallas Morning News reported that the test results for Elliott and one other player on the team were positive.

Training staff of most of the 32 NFL teams have been allowed to return to their team facilities, but it appears that New Orleans Saints staff will continue to work remotely for a longer period.

Speaking to reporters from his home via video on June 8, Saints Defense Coordinator Denis Allen said that coach Sean Payton told Sants employees not to expect to return to their usual place until the training camp

Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, closed all team facilities in March, ripping the coronavirus pandemic across the country, and teams have hypothetically assumed their defects since then.

Payton was the first person in active NFL circuits to have a positive coronavirus test. Since his diagnosis, two players have publicly confirmed their positive tests as well.

Several former NFL players, including legend of Saints Tom Dempsey, have also been diagnosed with the virus. Dempsey, 73, lost his battle with COVID-19 on April 4 while he was living in a coronary-stricken Lambeth House.


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