Corona injuries continue to decline after New York reopens


Pensacola, fl

New York State Governor Andrew Como said cases of the emerging coronavirus have continued to decline in his state despite being reopened.

Speaking to reporters daily, Como added that New York is currently experiencing the lowest number of people hospitalized by the virus since the outbreak began.

He pointed out that the state will allow gatherings of up to 25 people in some provinces, after the permissible number was not more than 10 people.

It is noteworthy that some American states witnessed an increase in the number of new infections in Corona as a result of the celebrations of the Memorial Day at the end of last May, as well as participation in the protests that took place in the cities in recent days, following the death of Citizens Gorge Floyd at the hands of the police.

Since the outbreak of the Corona virus, the United States has recorded nearly two million 100,000 infections and more than 115,000 deaths so far.


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