Egyptian Eva Pharma obtains a license to manufacture and distribute Remisdiver in 127 countries


Pensacola, fl

Egyptian Eva Pharma Pharmaceutical Industries said in a statement that it had reached an agreement with the American Gilead Sciences to manufacture its anti-retroviral drug Remdisfer and distribute it in 127 countries.

Relevant authorities have authorized REMDESIVER to be used exceptionally in critically ill patients with Covid-19 disease caused by the emerging coronavirus in the United States, India and South Korea, and some European countries use it as a humanitarian program.

According to the agreement, Eva said, “The Egyptian company will have all the technological methods, specifications of the manufacturing process and the methods of the American company in order to enhance the schedule for the production of Remisifir as soon as possible.”

And a study published in the medical journal Nature last week showed that remediesever prevented the development of lung disease in monkeys infected with the emerging coronaviruses virus.

The drug trials are still under way in humans, and preliminary data showed that the drug helped patients recover faster than others.

The researchers said in the study that the macaques that received the drug did not show any signs of a respiratory disease and said the damage to the lungs.


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