A hospital bill of $ 1 million almost killed an American who escaped from the clutches of Corona


Pensacola, fl

The American, Michael Fluor, was surprised, after his treatment of Covid 19 disease caused by the Coronavirus, by the huge bill he must pay for this treatment.

This American patient recovered from the Corona virus after staying for about two months in hospital, but he received a severe surprise that almost killed him, although he admitted that he was greatly fortunate.

The Seattle Times reported that Michael Fleur, who lives in Washington State, was surprised when he received the bill for the cost of his hospital treatment that came in 181 sheets, after staying there for 62 days.

 The total cost of treatment, according to the bill, was $ 1.1 million.

According to the newspaper, the residence bill included the following:

408 thousand dollars .. against staying for 42 days in the intensive care room, which is specially equipped as an isolation room due to the infectious nature of the virus.

10 thousand dollars .The cost of treatment for the heart, lungs and kidneys, which led to the virus almost complete failure in its functions.

82 thousand dollars .. the cost of using the artificial respirator for 29 days.

The cost of treatment in the United States usually far exceeds similar costs in other rich countries, but fortunately for the 70-year-old, it has been shown that he has a health insurance policy that will allow him to pay a limited amount of fictional value.

However, Fleur told the Seattle Times: “I feel guilty about surviving … There are questions that why am I? Why do I deserve all this money?”

He revealed that a great deal of his guilt stems from his realization that taxpayers and other insurance customers will contribute to the cost of keeping him alive.

He continued: “It called for saving my life a million dollars, of course I would like to say that this money was spent on something worthy of … but I also know that I may be the only one who says that.”


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