Wyoming offers a luxury accommodation for tonight at $ 25,000


Pensacola, fl

Wyoming, which is famous for its sparsely populated population of six people per square mile, offers a luxurious place to spend summer time in a place where the most important conditions for isolation from the emerging corona virus are social, which is social spacing.

According to CNN, Wyoming, which is notorious as the most attractive cowboy state, is not a vacation destination as it is now because of the lack of signs of abandoning the social spacing as the summer season approaches.

She added that the state has a resort that provides visitors with a private farm that can become a place for quarantine, with great luxury available for 25 thousand dollars per night, and the cost of stay for a week is 175 thousand dollars.

She explained that the resort includes nine cabins surrounded by scenic landscapes; As the resort is surrounded by 30 thousand acres of prairie, mountains and rivers; It is possible to ride horses as well as small cars, and these cabins resemble small houses; It contains 3 bedrooms and a full kitchen.

The resort provides visitors with places to relax, such as an outdoor swimming pool, and massage experts equipped with anti-virus means, such as masks and gloves, due to the crisis in the Corona Virus.

The company responsible for the resort said that it had received requests for reservations a few weeks after the announcement of the place, and indicated that the number of employees is often greater than the number of guests, which provides a great luxury for them.

She pointed out that this is not necessary to follow the rule of social separation, as the resort is closed to visitors and there are few people in a large area.


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