Donald Trump’s son made a fishing trip that cost taxpayers $ 75,000


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US President Donald Trump’s eldest son and grandson made a fishing trip to Mongolia last year that cost US taxpayers $ 75,000

During the trip, Trump Junior hunted a rare mountain sheep and met the president of the country, according to the “Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics” group.

The group said that most of the costs of the trip were spent on securing Trump’s son and grandson from the Secret Service

The number of trips by the Trump family exceeds the number of trips of the family of former President Barack Obama 12 times, researchers said.

Crowe accuses the Trump family of draining funding for the Secret Service with more than 1,000 flights a year, many for entertainment purposes.

Crowe’s report concluded that this trip is just one example of the costs that the Trump family incurs for taxpayers, and if a single fishing trip for Donald Junior costs more than $ 75,000, it is truly amazing to think about the total cost of those trips

A member of the Trump Junior crew told CNN that the 80-day trip last August was at his own expense, except for the escort assigned to him.

The group said that, as the president’s son, Trump Jr. has the right to receive protection from the Secret Service, and it must be protected. “But taxpayers have the right to know how much they pay to facilitate his hunting trip and outreach to prominent political donors and foreign leaders.

According to an investigation released last year, Trump Jr. caught a sheep from the rare Argyll mountain family, and then obtained a permit to fish retroactively from the Mongolian government. The investigation also concluded that during the flight he was accompanied by a prominent donor to the Republican Party, working in the oil and gas sector.

The sheep of this long-horned family are on an international list of species most at risk of extinction.

On the trip, Trump Jr. posted pictures of horseback riding, and a photo of him and his son in a traditional Mongolian tent.

The group said that the trip, according to its audit estimate, cost $ 76859.36, after obtaining information from the Secret Service, according to the Freedom of Information Act.

Trump Jr. has been criticized for defending gun laws and the pictures he posts on social media for himself during fishing trips around the world.


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