Corona may spiral out of control in U.S


Pensacola, fl

Anthony Fuchi, the chief infectious disease expert in the United States, said that the high incidence of Corona reported by several states could be out of control, if no tracking systems were in place for contacts.

“The United States is vulnerable to an increase in the number of injuries, after the lifting of restrictions on economic activity,” Fuchi told CNN.

He added: “When you start seeing more cases in hospitals, this is definitely a warning sign that you are in a situation where you are going in the wrong direction and about 6 US states are witnessing a rise in the number of HIV patients inside hospitals.”

The states of Texas and North Carolina announced yesterday that the largest number of corona patients has been registered in hospitals since the outbreak of the epidemic.

Earlier, the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the total number of people infected with the Corona virus in the United States amounted to two million and 16,027 people, and the total number of deaths was 113914 deaths.

A new leap for injuries in Corona, Texas, USA

The number of coronavirus infections in Texas has reached record again, with 2,166 hospital cases reported, Texas Tribune reported, citing state authorities.

The newspaper reported that 1935 people receiving treatment for “Covid-19” (caused by the Corona virus), in state hospitals, bringing their number to 2056 .

The previous peak of injuries was recorded on May 5, when the authorities announced that 1,888 cases of Texas citizens receiving hospital treatment, this indicator increased to 2153 cases and then decreased to 2008 cases and rose to reach a new peak (2166 cases).

The Texas Tribune previously revealed that the number of new infections with the Corona virus in Texas has increased by 71% in the past two weeks.


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