Concerns in U.S from the second wave of Corona


Pensacola, fl

About ten US states, including Texas and Arizona, are struggling to cope with the increasing number of people infected with the Corona virus, whose condition requires hospitalization, fueling fears that the reopening of the country’s economy will spark a second wave of infection.

Global stocks tumbled at the close amid fears of a resurgence of the epidemic, and the previous time the S&P 500 and Dow Jones fell that much in a single day in March when the Corona cases in the United States began to increase.

The recent rise in the number of cases in nearly ten states reflects, in part, an increase in examinations and tests, but many of those states also witness an increase in the number of hospital patients, some of whom are beginning to face a crisis in beds in intensive care units.

Texas recorded a record increase in hospital casualties for the third day in a row, and the Houston mayor said the city was ready to turn its soccer field into a field hospital if necessary.

In North Carolina, only 13 percent of intensive care beds in the state are no longer available due to severe cases of Covid-19 disease caused by the virus.

And Arizona witnessed a record number of corona patients inside hospitals, as the number reached 1291 cases.

The state health director asked hospitals this week to activate emergency plans and increase absorptive capacity within intensive care units.

The state’s website indicates that about three quarters of the beds in the state’s intensive care units are occupied.

Health sector experts fear a new increase in injuries due to protests against racial discrimination and police brutality, which have plagued the country for two weeks and gather large numbers.

Arizona, Utah and New Mexico reported increases in new infections by 40 percent or more during the week ending June 7, compared to the previous week, according to an analysis

New cases in Florida, Arkansas, South Carolina and North Carolina rose by more than 30 percent in the past week.

Dr. Anthony Fauchi, director of the US Department of Infectious Diseases, told Canadian news agency CBC that the high number of cases is inevitable as restrictions are lifted.


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